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Towards a Business Group that Can Develop a Flexible Structure for Responding to Ongoing Challenges in Society While Continuing to Innovate

President and CEO(Representative Director) Koji Ohara

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Achieving Sustainable Growth by "Valuing the Customer as Our First Priority" and Greater Management Focus on ESG

In March 2019, we at the PPIH Group marked the 30th anniversary of the opening of our first store (Fuchu). In that time, we have striven to advance our store operation through individual store driven strategies and delegation of authority, on the basis of our corporate philosophy of "valuing the customer as our first priority." We credit this achievement entirely to the support and patronage of all our stakeholders, to whom we express our sincere gratitude
In order to continue to grow sustainably, it is critical that we further deepen the bonds of trust between ourselves and our stakeholders, while placing greater emphasis on ESG oriented management practices. Building to the greatest extent possible on our existing operations, we are working to improve our corporate governance so that we can contribute towards solving environmental and social issues, while increasing transparency.
Since the opening of our first location in 1989, the first year of the Heisei era, we have repeatedly been buffeted by a harsh external environment, and have succeeded in making great progress in the midst of a turbulent era. Now in the Reiwa era, we intend to achieve sustainable growth, while building a brighter future, by putting our efforts into making stores beloved by our customers.

Pursuing a Workplace Where Employees Can Fulfill Their Potential

Building stores beloved by customers relies above all else on creating a working environment where the employees at our stores can fulfill their potential. Taking into consideration the diverse lifestyles and values of our employees, we are working as an entire company to build an environment that facilitates everyone's style of work, in order to support the work of female employees, and proactively make use of senior citizen staff members, through measures such as providing employee daycare facilities.

Towards Greater Value as a Company Through the Pursuit of Innovation

We will continue to work with our group companies and partner companie to contribute to regional revitalization by supplying local communities with products, creating jobs and opening of new stores.
We are continuing to seek out solutions to the various issues that have confronted society throughout the years, while constantly pursuing innovation, by means of our group's various operations, centered around our domestic and international retail business. We aim to be a group of companies worthy of the support of our many stakeholders, and strive continuously to increase our value as a business.