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Top message from Koji Ohara

Koji Ohara President and CEO

We will build an organization that responds flexibly to changing social issues and strive to be a corporate group that constantly delivers innovation.

Koji Ohara
President and CEO

Achieving medium-term strategy Vision 2020 through stronger embrace of “valuing the customer as our utmost priority”

On a consolidated basis, we—the PPIH Group—have charted higher sales and higher operating income for 28 straight years. This reflects our successful emphasis on individual store-driven strategies and delegation of authority, underpinned by the support and loyalty of all stakeholders, as well as efforts to operate stores in line with the corporate philosophy of “valuing the customer as our utmost priority.” Looking to the future, our medium-term management targets, as stated in Vision 2020—which concludes in 2020, the year that Tokyo hosts the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games—are for ¥1 trillion in net sales, a store network of 500 locations and a return on equity of 15%.
The environment that surrounds us is ever-changing. Customer lifestyles and value perceptions are diversifying, fueled by such factors as fewer children and more seniors, noticeable depopulation of regional areas, globalization and social disparity, as well as innovations in information technology, such as the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence. We must respond quickly to these changes, and we will need each and every employee to think long and hard about what they can do for customers and to go through a repeated process of creative destruction that is not tied to conventional concepts or past successes to meet customer needs. We will work toward achieving Vision 2020 and creating stores that give customers an enjoyable shopping experience.

Building a workplace environment where employees can realize their potential

A workplace environment in which frontline employees can realize their potential is an underlying factor in successfully creating stores that meet customers’ needs. Employees at stores under the PPIH Group umbrella have different lifestyles and values, and to cultivate a climate that feels welcoming to everyone, we strive to present a good work-life balance and form a variety of internal project teams to design programs in support of employees. We take a companywide perspective, with approaches that include active engagement of seniors on staff, workstyles that support the lifestyle needs of female employees and daycare facilities for children of employees.

Promoting diversity and helping to solve social issues

With diversity in mind, in fiscal 2017 we installed all-gender restrooms at MEGA Don Quijote Shibuya Honten in support of efforts by Shibuya Ward, in Tokyo, to promote diversity. We stand firmly behind this initiative as it shows consideration for all customers, including sexual minorities.
Our initiatives also include the support of employees in their efforts on maintaining a career while raising children. Toward this end, we opened five in-store daycares in the Kanto area, which centers on Tokyo. Also, seeking to be part of the answer to the problem of long waiting lists for community daycare spots, we partnered with a licensed daycare operator and opened a licensed facility inside MEGA Don Quijote Omori Sanno that welcomes all children, not just those of employees.

Striving to further enhance corporate value through pursuit of innovation

We will continue to work with Group companies and partners and thereby contribute to regional revitalization, primarily through the supply of products to local communities, job creation and the opening of new stores.
Through various business activities, with domestic and overseas retailing operations at the core, the PPIH Group will constantly pursue innovation while discovering solutions to deal with social issues that change with the times. We will strive to be a corporate group that has the enduring support of all stakeholders and work to further enhance corporate value.