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Monthly Report

March, 2019


FY Jun.2019 FY Feb.2020
Don Quijote Co., Ltd. UNY Co., Ltd.
March Total March Total
All Stores Sales 108.6 105.3 98.7 98.7
Store count 327 327 182 182
Comparable Stores Sales 104.1 101.0 102.1 102.1
Traffic 102.2 99.8 100.9 100.9
Spending 101.8 101.2 101.1 101.1
Number of
301 301 177 177

<Don Quijote Co., Ltd.>

  1. 1.Temperature fluctuated throughout the month. There was little rainfall with long sunshine hour. Temperature dropped after cherry trees were full bloomed.
  2. 2.Daily necessities including food and consumables took the lead for domestic consumption. There was one Sunday more than last year which gave a positive impact on SSS.
    Contribution of customers from ASEAN cuntries became increasingly high. Tax-free sales in March hit an all-time high mainly with consumable items.
  3. 3.Sales trend by product category :
    Home electronics : Smartphone accessories, gaming consoles and POSA cards were strong. Drop in temperature accelerated the sales for seasonal appliances.
    Miscellaneous household goods : Daily consumables such as hair care items and bath items made a high growth. Kitchen items were good. Cosmetics and pharmaceutical items were contributors.
    Foods : Processed as well as daily delivered food such as milks and eggs were strong. Alcoholic beverages, drinks and snack were boosted by cherry blossom viewing season.
    Watches & Fashion goods : Bags including suitcases and sporting wear were robust. Color contact lenses became popular.
    Sporting & Leisure goods : Japanese souvenior and toys were good.
  4. 4.New store openings in April : "Don Quijote Dotombori Kitakan store" in Osaka will be opening 18, "MEGA Don Quijote Kouga Minakuchi store" in Shiga pref will be opening on 25, and "MEGA Hadano store" in Kanagawa pref. will be opening on 26. Store closure in March : 6 stores were closed on March 31. "Don Quijote Center Kita ekimae store","Picasso Kounandai store","Picasso Noukendai ekimae store","Picasso Omiya nangin store","Picasso Shinozaki ekimae store","Picasso Nishiwaseda store" were closed.
  5. <UNY Co., Ltd.>
    (Sales overview in March)
    All product catrgories, clothing, household goods and foods beat last year's sales. Household goods took the lead as sales for home appliances and furnitures were strong.
    Sneakers and inner wear were two biggest earners in clothing segment.
    Beddings and home appliances such as hair dryers grew fast in household goods segment.
    Strong fresh food and processed food were more than offset the soft vegetable sale in food segment.

    <UD Retail Co., Ltd.>
    Conversion stores in March: 1 store
    Conversion stores in April : 3 stores
    Piago Imasaki store in Shiga pref, Piago Fuji chuo store in Shizuoka pref. and Piago Kibuki store in Aichi pref. will be converted at the end of April.

    *Monthly sales for UNY closed its book every 20th of the month until November 2018. Book closing date changed to the end of the month from December 2018.
    *Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation took over 100% share of UD Retail from UNY on February, 28, 2019.

    [Don Quijote Co., Ltd.], [UNY Co., Ltd.] Monthly Sales Report (Details)

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    Don Quijote Co., Ltd.(Fiscal Year ended in June)