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Monthly Report

January, 2019


Don Quijote Co., Ltd. FY Jun.2019
January Total
All Stores Sales 103.1 104.7
Store count 326 326
Comparable Stores Sales 99.7 100.5
Traffic 99.7 99.4
Spending 99.9 101.1
Number of
301 299

<Don Quijote Co., Ltd.>

  1. 1.Nationwide average temperature remained high. Dry days continued with little rain. Temperature dropped temporarily in the second half of January.
  2. 2.New year holiday was one day less than last year. The sales momentum for several high-end items were strong last year. Those factors gave negative impacts on the domestic consumption in January.
    Daily necessities took the lead, mainly driven by foods and consumables. Customer mix for overseas travelers is changing, however, tax-free sale made a growth nicely with consumables such as cosmetics.
  3. 3.Sales trend by product category :
    Home electronics : Seasonal appliances grew fast mainly humidifires. Headsets and POSA cards were contributors.
    Miscellaneous household goods : Daily consumables such as detergents and oral-care items took the lead. Make-up items were robust backed by strong shopping appetites of overseas travelers.
    Foods : Processed food such as condiments and snacks which are popular locally. Daily delivered food such as milk and chese. Alcoholic beverages were strong.
    Watches & Fashion goods : Winter outer wear trended weak, but sporting wear were good.
    Sporting & Leisure goods : Bicycles and toys grew nicely.
  4. 4.New store opening in February : "MEGA Don Quijote Izumi chuo store" in Osaka will be opened on 15. "Don Quijote Imabari store" in Ehime pref. will be opened on 22.
  5. (YoY,Unit:%,Stores)

    UNY Co., Ltd. FY Feb.2019
    January Total
    All Stores Sales 97.0 96.3
    Store count 182 182
    Comparable Stores Adjusted Sales 100.2 100.8
    w/o Adjustment Sales 99.5 100.8
    Traffic 99.6 99.9
    Spending 99.8 100.9
    Number of
    181 181

    <UNY Co., Ltd.>
    (Sales overview in January)
    Winter clothing and household goods such as seasonal appliaces made substantial growth. UNY made a good start for new-year shopping season with food and seasonal ornaments.

    Women's inner and casual wear were strong in clothing segment.
    Seasonal home appliances such as heaters as well as gaming consoles were strong in household goods segment.
    Though vegetables and consessionary sales for delis were soft, processed food trended nicely and took the lead for food segment.

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