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Usage Agreement

Our Website Terms of Use

This website is owned and operated by Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation and Don Quijote Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, PPIH Group). Before using this site, please read the through the following terms of use and only use this website if you agree with the same. By using this website you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use. The information contained in this website is protected by law (laws including but not restricted to copyright laws of each country, as well as all other applicable treaties and other laws and regulations). Further, it is prohibited to access this site from countries and regions in which the information contained in this site is contrary to the law.

PPIH Group makes no warranties or representations about this Website or any of its content pertaining to the possibility of its use and its appropriateness to regions other than Japan. To this end, access to and use of this site by any person is at the full responsibility of that individual.

Limitations of Use

Copyrights portrait rights for the information provided on this website are held by PPIH Group, other companies or individuals. Any use of this information (including duplication, changing, downloading, display, posting, transmission, distribution, publication, and similar), other than private use that is within the scope recognized by law, is prohibited without prior written consent from the copyright holder.

Prohibited Actions

The following actions are prohibited when using this website.

  1. Any action that is in violation of public order and good morals.
  2. Any action tied to criminal activities.
  3. Any action causing damage or detriment to PPIH Group or third parties.
  4. Any action that violates the privacy, property and similar of PPIH Group or third parties.
  5. Any action that defames the credence of PPIH Group or third parties.
  6. Any action that slanders PPIH Group or third parties.
  7. Any action that is part of pre-campaign activities, campaign activities or any action resembling the same.
  8. Any action that includes false reports or notification.
  9. Any other action in violation of the law.
  10. Any other action that is deemed by PPIH Group as being inappropriate.


This website contains links to third party websites that are provided for customer convenience. These third party websites do not fall under the control of PPIH Group, and as such, PPIH Group accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of the same. Feel free to provide a link to this website from other websites. To link us, please link it to https://ppi-hd.co.jp/.

Proposals for Products, Services and Similar

PPIH Group performs research and development independently. To avoid any misunderstanding, conflict or other unforeseen circumstances arising between PPIH Group and customers regarding proposals or suggestions related to products and services received from such customers that resemble, whether coincidentally or otherwise, any product or service provided by PPIH Group, PPIH Group will, in the event they deem the contents of any opinion sent to it as being a proposal related to products or services, neither evaluate nor review the same.

Protection of Personal Information

Whenever PPIH Group requests personal information from customers, it is with the aim of maintaining good relations with its customers. Personal information (names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, company names, etc.) provided will not be supplied or sold to other companies for marketing purposes or solicitation. Additionally, VeriSign Japan encryption is used on any personal information obtained through inquiries sent the input format on the website, which is then transmitted via a security system called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that incorporates Internet encryption communications technology. This ensures that this information is cannot be intercepted, blocked or otherwise manipulated.

Use of Cookies

With the aim of improving quality, some sections of this site use cookies. The PPIH Group server uses these cookies to automatically record the IP/Internet addresses of our customers' computers; however, unless a customer actually supplies their personal information to PPIH Group of their own will, they will remain anonymous, without any specific connection to the said information. Cookies are small pieces of information transmitted to the customer's browser via a web server, and can only be read via the server that transmitted the cookie. Cookies record passwords, settings and other such information. They cannot be executed as programs and cannot send viruses. Most browsers are set by default to receive cookies; however, it is possible to set the browser to display an alert when a cookie is being received by the server. However, amongst web pages that require authentication there are some pages for which cookie selection is not possible, and access to these pages is sometimes not possible for customers who elect not to accept cookies.


The information contained in this website is correct at the time of provision. PPIH Group may change this information at any time without notice. Operation of this website may be suspended or discontinued. PPIH Group makes no warranties or representations of any sort regarding the completeness, integrity, accuracy, applicability, usefulness and similar of the information provided, whether explicit and implied. PPIH Group is not responsible in any way for your using or not being able to use the information on this website, or for any damages arising from use of the same.

Amendments to Terms of Use

PPIH Group reserves the right to make amendments by changing the contents of the terms of use of this website. Please check these Terms of Use periodically to obtain the latest version.

Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Use of this website, including interpretation and applicability of these Terms of Use is governed by the laws of Japan. Any disputes arising from the use of this website shall be dealt with in the under the exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance of the Tokyo District Court.