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Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

At Pan Pacific International Holdings, we firmly adhere to the corporate principle of “valuing the customer as our utmost priority” and strive to reinforce corporate governance and compliance while actively carrying out disclosure practices and encouraging a deeper understanding of Don Quijote as a company coexisting with society. This commitment is integral to enhanced corporate value and is thus a top management priority. Indeed, business activities—executed to a high standard of ethics—are conditioned upon the existence of a company to undertake them, and we will build and maintain the in-house structure to expedite problem solving and, when necessary, seek advice from outside experts to establish and support internal controls and ensure that operations are conducted properly. Compliance will take center stage as we extend the scope of our corporate activities, with an emphasis on an even stronger organizational framework than ever, which will, for example, improve awareness of legal compliance and underpin more rigorous checks by our accounting department, Internal Audit Department and monitoring and auditing departments.

As of February 1, 2019