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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Pan Pacific International Holdings Group, (hereinafter "the Company Group"), has a corporate philosophy focused on the firm principle: "Customers Come First." the Company Group aims to cater best to customers' needs, by constantly analyzing customers' reactions and responses, and adjusting the management policies as needs dictate. By frequently adapting the Company Group's management policies to suit the circumstances at hand, the Company Group has been able to continually provide customers with the highest level of convenience, ultra low prices, combined with a factor of amusement.
the Company Group regards proper management and appropriate handling of the protection of personal data to be a fundamental element within its business activities. In accordance with this, the Company herein sets forth its Privacy Policy and all executives and employees of the Company Group shall abide by these rules and shall make thoroughgoing efforts to protect personal data.

  1. Continual Improvements to Our Privacy Policy
    the Company Group pledges to comply with laws and other norms pertaining to personal data protection. Furthermore,
    the Company Group has put into operation, a Personal Data Protection Compliance Program to continually and thoroughly inspect, with the aim of further improving, the Company Group's Privacy Policy.

  2. Uses of Personal Data
    The Company Group shall not in any way, collect, use, or disclose customer data without informing customers in advance. Furthermore, the Company Group aims to use customer details for the following purposes only:

    1. For the delivery of items to the customer.
    2. To communicate with the customer, regarding repairs and other such services.
    3. For the distribution of the Company Group's mail magazine.
    4. For the verification of services and other special offers which a customer may have registered for.
    5. To confirm the identity of the customer, as in accordance with the law.
    6. To notify the customer of any new information concerning repairs and other such services.
    7. For the improvement of our business relating to customer satisfaction, in terms of the services and goods we provide.
    8. If for any other reason than for those listed above, the necessity arises to contact the customer.
  3. Additional Information
    The Company Group, in addition to the name, address, postal code, and telephone number of the customer, may also ask for the occupation, email address, date of birth, age, and hobbies etc. the Company Group recognizes that the customer may refuse to answer these additional questions, however without this additional information, the Company Group may not be able to provide certain services to the best of its ability.

  4. Protection of Data
    the Company Group has in place, appropriate and reasonable measures, both in terms of technology and management, to properly protect the personal data provided by customers and prevent any unauthorized access, leakage, loss or destruction of personal data.

  5. Provision of Data
    The Company Group shall only use the personal data in accordance with the authorization granted by the customers. Furthermore, personal data shall not be disclosed or otherwise provided to third parties except under the following circumstances:

    1. When consent has been obtained from the customer.
    2. When disclosure is legally mandated.
    3. When disclosure serves to protect the general public or the customer.
    4. When the Company, together with Pan Pacific Life Assist Co., LTD. and its other affiliated companies, uses the personal data to provide customers with details regarding insurance. At such a time, the customers will be notified of this or this information will be made available to the customer; and this third party will extend to this personal data, the same protection as that offered by the Company Group.
      Additionally, there may be occasions where personal data will be managed by a third party in accordance with the Company Group's rules and proceedings. (On such occasions, the Company Group shall duly monitor the management of personal data by the third party, and will exchange the necessary confidentiality agreements.)
  6. Enquiries
    Any enquires regarding personal data, including updates, deletion, and refusal of data management by third parties, should be made to the Company Group Division of the Company. After a few security questions, and once the person's identity has been authenticated, the Company Group will make the necessary changes.

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