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Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

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Don Quijote places great importance on customers' two greatest needs of CV(Convenience) and D(Discounts), which we combine with the A(Amusement/enjoyment) of the desire to buy to create our management concept of CV+D+A.
Based on this concept, Don Quijote has developed an integrated discount store product lineup for one-stop-shopping that ensures all purchasing needs can be met at just one store. To an abund ant product line up, we have added value-added services that infuse elements of fun and enjoyment.

Business Overview

Don Quijote's hours of operation are longer than general retailers,
with our stores remaining open until late at night.
Some of our stores even operate 24 hours/day with no regular closing days.

With over 150 stores, Don Quijote boasts large-volume buying power that translates into great discounts. We can also sell famous brand goods at greatly discounted prices as we purchase them cheaply through astute use of shifts in exchange rates.

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Don Quijote stores have a line up of over 45,000 products -- from everyday items through top-class goods--on display in an area of less than 1,000 m2, which enables you to have fun while you shop, much like being on a treasure hunt.

Don Quijote offers the best in convenience for overseas tourists through tax-free shopping (with the exception of some stores) and facilities for all major credit cards.

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