Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Monthly Sales Report

June, 2019


FY June 2019 FY June 2020
Don Quijote Co., Ltd. UNY Co., Ltd.
June Total June Total
All Stores Sales 104.1 105.0 94.2 95.7
Store count 322 322 176 176



Sales 100.9 101.2 101.1 100.7
Traffic 101.0 100.3 99.8 99.8
Spending 99.9 100.9 101.3 101.0
Number of
297 297 169 169

<Don Quijote Co., Ltd.>

  1. Don Quijote closed its book for FY June 2019. Store count as of the end of June is 322. (Group total : 693) The group opened 26 stores in FY 2019 including 20 stores operated by Don Quijote Co., Ltd. UNY Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries joined PPIH group on January 4, 2019 and 248 stores were added to the group total store count of 693. Don Quijote closed 11 stores and 20 stores were closed in group total.
  2. Cloudy days continued throughout the month. Some areas were affected by heavy rain. It rained on weekends and temperature remained low.
  3. For domestic consumption, daily necessities were strong though seasonal items were soft due to low temperature. For overseas travelers' consumption, tax-free delivered the strong sales momentum backed by customers mainly from ASEAN member countries. Tax-free sales contribution to the total topped 10% for 5 consecutive months.
  4. Sales trend by product category :
    Home electronics : Wireless headsets and POSA cards took the lead.
    Miscellaneous household goods : Daily consumables including detergents as well as hair care items were strong. Pharmaceutical items grew rapidly thanks to robust tourists consumption.
    Foods : Processed food such as snacks and seasonings were contributors. Daily delivered food made a double digit growth such as eggs, tofu and fish paste.
    Watches & Fashion goods : Sporting wear and rain goods were good.
    Sporting & Leisure goods : Character toys grew nicely though outdoor goods were weak.
  5. New store openings in July : Don Quijote Co., Ltd. plans no new store in July. The subsidiary Pan Pacific Retail Management (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd opens "DON DON DONKI Mira place 2 store (Hong Kong.)" on 12.
    There was no closure store in June.
  6. The results for FY 2019 will be disclosed on August 13.

<UNY Co., Ltd.>

(Sales overview in May)
Clothing and household goods were strong. Food sales picked up and posted positive growth for the first time in 3 months. Fresh food took the lead for food category. All product categories grew nicely.

Ladies' outer wear, branded bags and inner wear as well as summer items such as sandals and kids swim wear made a high growth in clothing segment.
Fans, towels and storage boxes were strong in household goods segment. Summer gift items took the lead backed by free shipping service.
Fresh food such as meat and fish took the lead. Breads, sweets and dairies were contributors in food segment.

UNY changed its book closing month from February to June. Full year results for UNY will be 16 months, run from March 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

<UD Retail Co., Ltd.>

Conversion stores in June : 2 stores
Conversion stores in July : 3 stores
Piago Syobata store in Aichi pref. will be reopened on July 16, Piago Otagawa store in Aichi pref. and Apita Fujioka store in Gunma pref. will be reopened at the end of July.

*Monthly sales for UNY closed its book every 20th of the month until November 2018. Book closing date changed to the end of the month from December 2018.

[Don Quijote Co., Ltd.], [UNY Co., Ltd.] Monthly Sales Report (Details)


Don Quijote Co., Ltd.(Fiscal Year ended in June)

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