Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Monthly Sales Report

April, 2020


5 Domestic Retail Companies in Total FY June 2020 FY June 2020
March April
All Stores Sales 95.1 96.6
Store Count 567 570
Store Count (Last Year) 563 557



Sales 94.7 94.5
Store Count 512 512
Holiday Count Gap (Day(s)) (1) (1)
  • *Don Quijote Co., Ltd., UNY Co., Ltd., Nagasakiya Co., Ltd., UD Retail Co., Ltd. and Daishin Corporation.


  1. Same store sales for 5 domestic retail companies in total went down by 5.5%. This is largely due to coronavirus outbreak and calendar (one national holiday less than last year). Those factors negatively impacted sales.

  2. Don Quijote Co., Ltd. dropped tax-free sales, however, it delivered a strong daily necessities sales. UNY Co., Ltd. struggled with clothings sales as school entrance events and outdoor demand sharply decreased. Foods drove the sales. Five main retail companies enjoyed strong needs for daily necessities.

  3. PPIH group thoroughly implements "custmer matters the most" principles. PPIH is committed to operating activities in order to meet the needs of customers at any time as social infrastructure.

FY June 2020 FY June 2020
Don Quijote Co., Ltd. UNY Co., Ltd.
April Total April Total
All Stores Sales 91.1 100.2 82.1 88.0
Store Count 334 334 155 155



Sales 89.8 97.7 97.2 100.6
Traffic 92.0 98.6 91.1 99.1
Spending 97.6 99.7 106.7 101.5
Number of
314 314 147 147

<Don Quijote Co., Ltd.>

Sales excluding tax-free stood at 99.7% year-on-year (Traffic: 93.8%, Spending: 106.4%). Daily necessities such as food took the lead. Hygiene items grew. Average spending grew due to bulk buying despite a reduction in traffic.

  1. Weather in April sporadically changed. There were heavy rainy days with strong winds. Temperature trended lower than last year nationwide, but some days were like cheerful spring because of long sunshine.
  2. There was one holiday (national holiday) less than last year. Daily necessities took the lead in domestic consumption such as hygiene items and food associated with coronavirus outbreak.
  3. Sales trend by product category :
    Home electronics : While digital cameras were stagnant, kitchen appliances such as electric griddle were strong. Computer appliances including mouse grew as there was a rising number of people who work remotely.
    Miscellaneous household goods : Hygiene items such as masks recorded high sales growth. Though cosmetics and sunscreens were soft, detergents and hand soaps were robust in daily consumable category.
    Foods : Daily delivered food such as yogurt and frozen food made double digit growth. Processed food was good including oil and pouch food. Alcoholic beverages were also one of the drivers.
    Watches & Fashion goods : Apparels and bags were stagnant. Watches and shoes were soft as consumption appetite for new life related goods decreased whereas fashion accessories were good.
    Sporting & Leisure goods : Outdoor goods struggled, however, indoor sporting goods such as dumbbell and yoga mat became popular. Toys like jigsaw puzzles contributed to this category.

<UNY Co., Ltd.>

(Sales overview in March)
Daily necessities such as household goods and foods were strong due to coronavirus outbreak, whereas clothings and household goods were stagnant. SSS went down by 2.8%.

Seasonal items and formal wear for ceremonies were weak, while home wear and pajamas were good in clothing segment.
Infection prevention items such as hand sanitizer as well as confectionary items and toys were robust. On the other hand, cosmetics, stationery, mugs and bicycles were weak in household goods segment.
Fresh food delivered a good sales momentum because of high stay-at-home demand. Processed food such as canned or frozen foods and dairies also made a significant contribution in food segment.

  • ※Monthly sales for UNY closed its book every 20th of the month until November 2018. Book closing date changed to the end of the month from December 2018.
    UNY changed its book closing month from February to June. Full year results for UNY will be 16 months, run from March 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. This monthly sales report is from July, 2019 to June, 2020.

<UD Retail Co., Ltd.>

Conversion store in April : 2
Conversion store in May : 4
Piago Ena store in Gifu pref., Piago Toyoake store in Aichi pref., Apita Honjo store will be reopened in the middle of May. Piago La foods core Aratama store in Aichi pref. will be reopened at the end of May.

[Don Quijote Co., Ltd.], [UNY Co., Ltd.] Monthly Sales Report (Details)


Don Quijote Co., Ltd.(Fiscal Year ended in June)

UNY Co., Ltd.(Fiscal Year ended in June)

*UNY changed its book closing month from February to June. FY2020 will be 16 months, run from March 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

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