Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation

Monthly Sales Report

October, 2019


FY June 2020 FY June 2020
Don Quijote Co., Ltd. UNY Co., Ltd.
October Total October Total
All Stores Sales 95.2 104.2 84.7 89.3
Store count 325 325 168 168



Sales 93.1 100.5 96.5 99.2
Traffic 94.5 100.3 96.7 98.5
Spending 98.4 100.2 99.7 100.7
Number of
307 307 161 161

<Don Quijote Co., Ltd.>

  1. Temperature remained high throughout the nation in October. Typhoon hit in three day weekend in the middle of the month, and it gave serious damage in broad area.
  2. For domestic consumption, Although there was reverse impact from strong sales in September because of the consumption tax hike, disaster prevention items and preservable food were strong.
    For overseas travelers' consumption, Traffic from South Korea dropped, however, events like rugby world cup game boosted the traffic from ASEAN, USA, UK and Oceania countries.
  3. Sales trend by product category :
    Home electronics : Batteries, LED torches and mobile batteries delivered strong sales momentum to prepare for typhoon.
    Miscellaneous household goods : Portable stoves, curing tapes and tarpaulin sheets were strong. Daily necessities were affected buy the bulk-buying happened in September before the tax hike.
    Foods : Preservable food such as instant noodles and canned food and drinks were strong. Daily delivered food were good such as eggs and bread.
    Watches & Fashion goods : Although high ticket items such as imported brand were stagnant, rain goods including rain coat were contributors.
    Sporting & Leisure goods : Camping goods such as sleeping bags and lanterns were robust to prepare for typhoon.
  4. There is no new store opening in November.

<UNY Co., Ltd.>

(Sales overview in October)
Temperature remained high and it gave a negative impact on seasonal item sales. There was a reversed impact from the bump-up demand in September in prior to the consumption tax hike. Disaster prevention goods and preservable food took the lead.

Seasonal items were soft due to high temperature, but rainwear and umbrellas were strong in clothing segment.
DIY goods and batteries took the lead, though daily necessities such as detergents were nagatively impacted by tax hike in household goods segment.
Preservables food such as instant noodles and boil-in-the-bag food made a high growth, fresh food was affected by drop in traffic in food segment.

  • UNY changed its book closing month from February to June. Full year results for UNY will be 16 months, run from March 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. This monthly sales report is from July, 2019 to June, 2020.

<UD Retail Co., Ltd.>

Conversion store in October : 2
Conversion store in November : 2
Apita Toukadai store in Aichi pref. was reopened on November 12. Apita Nishi yamato store in Nara pref. will be reopened at the end of November.

*Monthly sales for UNY closed its book every 20th of the month until November 2018. Book closing date changed to the end of the month from December 2018.

[Don Quijote Co., Ltd.], [UNY Co., Ltd.] Monthly Sales Report (Details)


Don Quijote Co., Ltd.(Fiscal Year ended in June)

UNY Co., Ltd.(Fiscal Year ended in June)

*UNY changed its book closing month from February to June. FY2020 will be 16 months, run from March 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

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