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President and CEO Koji Ohara

Quest to Become an Enduring Company
That Is Chosen in Every Era

The year 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of when Don Quijote first opened its doors. On February 1 of this momentous year, the Company changed its name from Don Quijote Holdings Co., Ltd., to Pan Pacific International Holdings Corporation.

This name change is symbolic of our commitment to fulfilling the role and responsibility of supplying a piece of social infrastructure, which has become all the more important following the acquisition of UNY Co., Ltd., and our claiming the position as the fourth largest retailer in Japan in terms of sales. It is also representative of our dedication toward fostering retail operations that are competitive in Japan as well as in the Pacific Rim region as a global company.

Flexing on our corporate philosophy—“valuing the customer as our utmost priority”—the starting point of our business, we are inspired to respond to the ever-changing needs of customers while developing highly varied product lineups on an individual store basis to win customer favor and deliver enjoyable shopping experiences. We are confident that exercising this philosophy is the shortest path to becoming the retailer of choice among customers in todayʼs retail market, which is shrinking as a result of population decline and aging, falling birthrates, and intensified competition. PPIH will pursue higher levels of corporate value on its quest to transmit its distinctive business model to future generations in order to become an enduring company that is chosen by stakeholders in every era.

President and CEO Koji Ohara