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With Partners

Cooperation with partners is indispensable in our efforts to provide safe, high-quality products at amazing prices and provide customers in local communities with peace of mind. We undertake various initiatives to build stable, enduring relationships with our partners. These include partnership activities under a kyoeikai (co-prosperity club) structure and the use of a web-facilitated negotiation system that makes business discussions quick and efficient. Our objective is to respond flexibly to customers’ constantly changing needs.

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Partnership activities promoting co-prosperity

We emphasize a strong sense of cooperation in building relationships with our partners, believing that this will become a source of competitive strength in a challenging market environment. With this in mind, we established a membership structure—the kyoeikai co-prosperity club—seeking coexistence and co-prosperity from an equal-footing perspective for both sides.
Maintaining, or better yet, improving the capabilities of our partners allows us to offer a product mix that epitomizes our corporate philosophy of “valuing the customer as our utmost priority” and underpins customer satisfaction. For this reason, we offer support from both a management perspective as well as a business transaction perspective.

Visual concept of kyoeikai co-prosperity club

Web-facilitated negotiations emphasizing efficiency

Stores under the PPIH Group umbrella can offer products at amazingly low prices and a selection of merchandise perfectly matched to the demand characteristics of each catchment area thanks to a supplier negotiation system that utilizes social networking sites. With this system, products from domestic partners can be sold at Group stores overseas as well.

Product expansion at Marukai store in Los Angeles, California

Product expansion at Marukai store in Los Angeles, California

Partner consultation desk

To maintain pleasant, healthy relationships with our partners, we set up a consultation desk where partners can inform management about any points they notice through their interaction with people at the PPIH Group.

Partner consultation desk

PPIH Group’s general meeting of partners

We hold a general meeting of partners to promote awareness of our marketing strategies and build stronger bonds of trust with our partners. The fourth such meeting was attended by more than 1,800 people.

PPIH Group’s general meeting of partners

July 7, 2017
Meeting held at Hotel New Otani Tokyo