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With Shareholders and Investors

To enable different stakeholder groups to gain a better understanding of the business activities under the PPIH Group umbrella, we regularly post investor relations (IR) information, such as management policy, business strategies and financial and performance data, on our website. We also enthusiastically reach out to our shareholders and investors and avidly engage in media-oriented activities.

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Wider, faster access to information on business activities

Despite reports indicating that the economy is improving, consumer spending has yet to follow suit, and the retailing industry continues to struggle amid lackluster demand. Like a bright light in the darkness, the PPIH Group has sustained higher sales and operating income, on a consolidated basis, for 28 consecutive years—ever since the first Don Quijote store opened. This is a testament to the support extended by shareholders and investors who put immense trust in the Group. Going forward, we will continue to take a long-term perspective in our business pursuits and strive to provide quick and honest information disclosure.
We also actively disclose non-financial information, such as management policy, business strategies, operating information and environmental activities, as this background material puts results into better perspective for shareholders and investors. We place emphasis on engaging with our stakeholders and organize 450 meetings annually.

Meeting with institutional investors

Meeting with institutional investors

Business results briefing

Business results briefing

IR Calendar for Fiscal 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017)


Key communication tools to connect with shareholders and investors

• Financial summaries (quarterly, English and Japanese)
• Business updates for shareholders (semiannually, English and Japanese)
• Presentation slides for financial results briefing (quarterly, English and Japanese)
• Annual securities report (annually)
• Quarterly reports
• Corporate governance report (annually)
• Integrated report (annually, English and Japanese)
• CSR report (annually)
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